The Name You Can Trust!

We believe that peple must be healed from their wounds,
renewed in spirit, restored from illness,
enlightened from ignorance and saved from pain.
No one should be left behind.
Our beauty does not lie in our appearancee,
but in our passion of caring for others.

Jeanna Kim, President CEO
Richway Group.

Greeting of CEO

We believe in the power of teamwork.
We believe that with hard work and passion, anything is possible.

Jeanna Kim / President & CEO

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Messages from Richway Leaders

Be part of a FAMILY

"It's very easy to work hard when you enjoy what you do, the people you do it with, and the people you meet because of the product you are working with. It comes full circle! I have people from all over the country that I work with and mentor.

Some of them are very special people and dear to my heart. I would have never met them if it had not been for the Biomat and Richway."

Carrie Luke, Managing Director, Royal Family ISA

Strong teamwork to help you GROW

"[Being a Richway ISA]
provides me with the opportunity to support others in expanding their entrepeneurial opportunities and success. Also, I love that the background of this business is really the opportunity for each distributor to model a healthy lifestyle.

I can influence a perspective change around what is possible for their health and for their wealth."

Marla Koupal, Diamond Executive ISA

Build an extra source of INCOME

"As I started to share more content online, I started getting more traffic to my website, resulting in more sales.
I also had to become clear with my intentions for the business.

the first five years, made very few sales. It's been in the recent years that I've built momentum."

Jennifer Lyall, Diamond Executive ISA

More ways to EARN

"I have a great car that I can continue to upgrade every five years, so that I have the latest advancements in safety and comfort. I have been able to travel the world and make many new friends.

Because of our Product Certificates, I am able to barter Richway products for many of my needs, including house maintenance and home improvement projects. I am also able to donate products to charities."

Joyce Carrington, Diamond Executive ISA

Health Wealth Meets Financial Wealth

I love that being a Biomat distributor provides the opportunity to build wealth in two ways- through health and through finances. Being able to sleep restfully and feel relief from pain helps my clients deal with mental, physical, and emotional stress better- that’s health wealth. Being able to build a business I believe in and show others how to do the same, that’s financial wealth.
My Biomat business aligns with my values because I am able to provide a high quality tool for personal wellbeing and receive an easy commission in the process. It just feels right.

Pamela Howard, Gold Executive ISA

Learn through EXPERIENCE

"This business has allowed me to shed some misconceptions about MLMs. I have grown as a person embracing the fact that, "It takes a village!'

Most importantly, I have made many friends with my ISAs and clients as their lives have changed for the better!"

Jocelyne Colombe, Diamond Executive ISA

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